Marketing Strategy

Pharma Solutions offers the best marketing strategy in different directions, mainly

Product portfolio management
• Product pipeline planning
• Pricing & packaging
• Opportunity assessment
• ATC definition and targeting
• Marketing & promotion planning

Marketing & Promotion

Pharma Solutions provides the optimum services that guarantee the effectiveness and profitability through:

• Direct marketing services
• Digital marketing & social media services
• Marketing & promotional plans
• Concept creation
• Design and execution
• Marketing campaign


Pharma Solutions offers consulting services in the following fields of the pharma industry:

• Technical know-how and tech transfer
• Management and organization
• Medical and pharma covigilance
• Regulatory services
• Marketing and sales
• R&D services
• Pharmaceutical engineering

Market Research

Pharma Solutions Co. offers the best market research solutions by doing:

• Customized segmentation to better reach target audiences
• Brand and value proposition development
• New product launch strategies
• Marketing program evaluation
• Promotional programs effectiveness
• HCP Messaging Strategy and segmentation
• Market Landscape Segmentation
• Pricing Studies

Feasibility Studies

Pharma Solutions Co. performs feasibility studies with the highest standards which comprise several elements:

Project Overview: An outline of the project, products, the business model and method of delivery.
• Market feasibility: Defines the prospective buyers, competitors, the market potential and sales forecast.
• Technical feasibility: Lists the data about product or service delivery, which could include labour, raw, materials, transportation, technology, etc.
• Financial feasibility: The funding required, projected P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows etc.
• Human capital feasibility: An explanation of the needed human capital and their needed skills an competencies.